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Boca Raton is home to many shopping malls and plazas, including Delray Marketplace and The Plaza at Delray. Thousands of people visit these destinations every day to shop and meet people. Few of them expect to be injured during their visit.

At Hersh Kirtman Injury Law, we represent people in premises liability claims against stores and shopping malls. Often, our clients are badly injured when some hazard on the premises trips them up or otherwise causes traumatic injury. Please reach out to our Boca Raton Shopping Mall premises liability lawyers today to review your claim.

Common Slip and Falls Accidents in Boca Raton

Many people experienced a slip and fall accident inside shopping malls or in the parking lot outside. Various hazards conspire to send them tumbling, including:

  • Spilled liquids or condensation
  • Trash or debris
  • Torn or uneven carpeting
  • Warped floorboards
  • Loose tiles
  • Stormwater
  • Poorly constructed stairs

When they fall, our clients can fracture bones, tear ligaments and tendons, or suffer neck, back or head injuries. These accidents can cause serious harm, and stores should regularly inspect their aisles to identify and fix any hazards before they injure someone. Need a Boca Raton shopping mall premises liability lawyer? Schedule a free case review today to speak with an attorney.

Elevator or Escalator Accidents

Both elevators and escalators move hundreds of people a day between floor levels, and they must function properly. Sadly, neglect and improper repairs can cause injury. Customers can get their feet caught in escalators or be tossed about when elevators make sudden stops. Some accidents are tragic.

Falling Merchandise Accidents

Heavy items can come tumbling down from shelves because they were poorly secured or the shelf ends up collapsing. Falling merchandise is very dangerous and can lead to contusions, traumatic brain injuries, and sprains or strains. Generally, stores should put heavy, bulky items on the floor while reserving the top shelves for lighter items. Negligence, however, occurs all too often, endangering the safety of customers.

Defective Carts & Scooters

Customers expect carts and scooters to function properly. Unfortunately, a defect can cause them to malfunction, hurting the customer. A child sitting in a defective cart, for example, can be thrown to the floor, resulting in serious injuries. A store is responsible for removing defective carts from use and regularly inspecting them.

Negligent Security & Assault

Shopping malls are unfortunately a magnet for criminals, who may confront people in bathrooms, changing rooms, or the parking lot. These criminals might rob the victim or, even worse, cause serious bodily harm to them.

Shopping malls have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for the benefit of customers. This responsibility includes providing reasonably adequate security. Appropriate security measures can include fencing around a parking lot, security guards who patrol the premises, and security cameras. When security is lax, a store or the property management company can be responsible for the injuries you suffered in an attack. If you are suffering serious injuries, do not hesitate to contact our Boca Raton shopping mall premises liability attorneys

Contact Our Boca Raton Shopping Mall Premises Liability Lawyers

Shopping mall accidents raise many complicated legal and factual issues, such as who is responsible for the condition of the area where you were hurt. At Hersh Kirtman Injury Law, we place our client’s wellbeing at the forefront of our legal representation. Our shopping mall premises liability attorneys in Boca Raton have fought for compensation to help clients pay their medical bills and recoup any lost wages.

Shopping malls and property management companies typically defend aggressively in response to legal claims. You need a Boca Raton premises liability lawyer in your corner who understands the law and to most effectively pursue your claim. Contact us here or give us a call at 561-208-3700 today to schedule a complimentary case analysis.

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