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People rent an apartment or a hotel room expecting to be protected from violent criminals. Indeed, many building code regulations are focused solely on safety, such as the requirement to have locks on doors and windows.

Unfortunately, security in many Boca Raton hotels and apartment buildings is inadequate. Far too many people are injured in sexual assaults, shootings, or other violent attacks.

If you were hurt in an apartment or hotel, contact Hersh Kirtman Injury Law. We can review whether you have a viable legal claim and help you negotiate a settlement or file a lawsuit.

Assessing the Level of Security

A negligent security claim seeks to hold a hotel or landlord legally liable for violent crimes that occur on the premises. This is a type of negligence claim which alleges that the defendant failed to provide a reasonably safe premises because it had inadequate security.

The type of security a hotel or apartment complex must provide is not set in stone. Instead, it depends on the history of crime of the property itself, the amount of crime in the area surrounding the property, and other factors. Defendants must address known and recurring risks, so a building in a high-crime part of Boca Raton will need more security than a building located in a safer part of the city. Defendants also need to ensure that known or suspected criminals are removed from the premises before guests are harmed.

Security features could include:

  • Security cameras
  • Lighted walkways and parking lots
  • Lighted and secure common areas
  • Locks on doors and windows
  • Gates or fences around the property
  • Front desk security
  • Regular sweeps of the property by security

If the area has high crime, then a property should have most if not all all of the above security measures in place. Staff must also properly respond to threats. For example, if someone followed you from the parking lot inside a hotel, you should tell the staff. They can’t simply ignore you. At a minimum, they should talk to the person you believe is stalking you and call the police if the person will not voluntarily leave the premises.

Compensating Victims of Crime

If you were attacked in a hotel or apartment, then we might be able to bring a claim against the building owner, the property management company, or the building’s security company. As a renter/customer, you are owed the highest duty of care under Florida law. Defendants must take reasonable measures to secure your safety and, if they fail to, then you may be able to bring a claim against them.

Our clients have sought compensation for:

  • All medical expenses to treat their injuries
  • Lost income or lost wages
  • Funeral expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress, including post-traumatic stress disorder

The victim of a gruesome attack or sexual assault should seek full compensation for the emotional distress that they experience. Some people are forced to move as they struggle to cope with the emotional fallout, and a negligent property owner should be responsible for paying you compensation.

Obtaining the Legal Help You Need

Hersh Kirtman Injury Law provides compassionate legal representation in a safe setting. Call one of our Boca Raton negligent security attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

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