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Boca Raton’s nightlife is a definite draw for the city. Thousands of people visit to have a drink or meet up with friends at bars or nightclubs. Unfortunately, with alcohol flowing freely, tempers can sometimes flare and bad actors might try to take advantage of a vulnerable guest.

At Hersh Kirtman Injury Law, our law firm represents those injured by negligent security in Boca Raton bars and nightclubs. These are complicated legal cases to file, but we will meet to discuss the strength of your legal claim.

When Are Bars or Nightclubs Liable for Your Injuries?

A bar or nightclub customer can be injured in a variety of ways:

  • Physical assault. Maybe you were caught up in a bar fight or violently attacked in the parking lot.
  • Sexual assault. Some predators hang out in bars and nightclubs to take advantage of women who have had too much to drink. Others might slip a “date rape” drug into a person’s drink and then leave with them.
  • False imprisonment. A criminal might abduct you from the premises, especially when a victim has been drinking too much.
  • Weapons discharge. Not all fights are limited to patrons using their fists. Some patrons actually pull out a gun and fire it.

If you were hurt, then your assailant is obviously at fault. But the bar or nightclub could also be liable if they did not have adequate security on the premises to keep guests safe.

Did the Establishment Provide Adequate Security?

Under Florida law, businesses must take reasonable steps to secure the safety of their customers. A business does not guarantee a customer’s safety, and the law does not require superhuman efforts. However, a business must take reasonable measures.

What is reasonable will depend on the circumstances. For example, we look at the history of crime in the area and the dangers posed by the layout of the business. Other factors include whether there were reports that a patron was pestering or endangering people.

Many bars and patrons should have the following:

  • Parking lot or streetlights
  • Fences around the property
  • Locked doors, especially in the rear of the building
  • Bouncers or security guards
  • Procedures for calling the police to report dangerous patrons
  • Locks on bathroom stalls
  • Regulations regarding serving alcohol
  • Well-lit interiors, especially in hallways and bathrooms

The higher the crime rate in a given area, the more security will be necessary to keep the property reasonably safe. Likewise, if the bar knows someone on their property is acting dangerously, they cannot put their head in the sand. The law requires that they intervene and act to keep other patrons safe.

Victims Have Rights

If you were assaulted or otherwise victimized, you might have a legal claim for negligent or inadequate security. These lawsuits often serve as vital sources of compensation because your assailant probably has few resources. By contrast, an establishment should have a business insurance policy to cover injuries on its premises.

If you successfully bring a claim, you should receive compensation for lost income, medical care, and pain and suffering. However, if you started a fight or otherwise participated in a scrum, you are less likely to receive any compensation.

Injured in a Bar or Nightclub? Call Hersh Kirtman Injury Law

Our legal team helps crime victims take control of their lives by seeking compensation from bars and nightclubs which fail to protect their patrons. Please call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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