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Boca Raton is home to many different grocery store brands. Virtually everyone heads to the grocery store at least once a week to do their weekly shopping or pick up an item or two. Few people enter a grocery store expecting to leave with a personal injury in addition to their bag of groceries, but accidents happen all the time.

The Boca Raton premises liability lawyers at Hersh Kirtman Injury Law can help anyone who is injured in a grocery store. Please contact us to learn more.

What Causes Grocery Store Premises Liability Accidents in Boca Raton, FL?

Our clients are usually hurt by any of the following:

  • Slip and falls accidents due to spilled liquids, trash, or debris
  • Trip and falls due to boxes in the aisle, uneven carpets or floorboards, and other hazards
  • Shopping cart accidents, such as a cart collapse which injures a child seated inside
  • Scooter accidents due to malfunction
  • Falling merchandise or collapsing shelves
  • Food poisoning from spoiled produce or improperly prepared foods
  • Chemical exposure
  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Dangerously configured storefronts
  • Violent assaults caused by negligent security

Need a well-experienced Boca Raton grocery store premises liability lawyer? Get in contact with us today and schedule a free case review.

How to Know if You Have a Premises Liability Legal Claim in Boca Raton?

Florida premises liability law is based on negligence. To bring a successful claim, we need to show:

  • The store owed you a duty of care. This is easy if you were visiting during normal hours to shop.
  • The store breached that duty of care through negligence. Here, we need to look closely at how you were injured and determine whether the hazard was something the store should have fixed and/or warned you about.
  • You suffered injuries, usually bodily injuries requiring medical treatment.
  • The store’s negligence caused your injuries.

By far, the issues that are most often contested are whether the store was negligent, whether the negligence was the cause of your injury, and the extent of the injury you suffered. As to negligence, as a rule, businesses must keep their premises reasonably safe for customers, and typically this means doing a proper inspection of the aisles at regular intervals. A store cannot bury its head in the sand to avoid finding dangerous conditions, like a shattered glass jar that spills liquid all over the floor.

Our Boca Raton grocery store premises liability attorney can carefully sift through the factual record to determine how you were hurt and whether the accident was avoidable.

Compensation for Injured Shoppers

An injured victim deserves compensation when a store’s negligence causes harm. As part of our representation, we seek for our clients the maximum allowable amount under Florida law, which includes recovering money lost due to the injury, such as past and future medical expenses, as well as compensation for non-economic harm, such as pain, suffering, disfigurement, and the loss of the enjoyment of life.

In Florida, the law permits recovering for various types of economic and non-economic damages, including::

  • Medical expenses to treat your injury
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost income or lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and/or emotional distress
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement

If you are suffering serious injuries, contact our well-experienced grocery store premises liability attorneys in Boca Raton for legal help.

Call Boca Raton Grocery Store Premises Liability Attorney for Legal Representation

Hersh Kirtman Injury Law will do everything in our power to hold a grocery store or chain accountable when its lax maintenance injures you. To find out more about your legal options, give us a call at 561-208-3700 or contact us here to schedule a free consultation. Our Boca Raton grocery store premises liability lawyers are dedicated to fighting for your justice.

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